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  Who pays if a friend crashes your car?   Your best friend comes into town and is staying with you!  They need to run to the store, so you toss them your keys and they take off in your vehicle.  Then the phone rings and there has been an accident in your car. READ MORE >>

  I love being a part of the Farmers Family; rarely does one find the support and genuine care in the business arena, especially one as competitive as insurance. People are surprised when they hear how difficult it is to become a Farmers Agent, as Farmers will only accept the best of the best to represent them in the market place. READ MORE >>

      The Joys of being a Landlord... Questions you need to know and why to ask them!       As an insurance agent I have the pleasure of working with investors that purchase both commercial and residential properties to lease to others. READ MORE >>

The Importance of Short-Term Rental Insurance Real estate investment opportunities are changing rapidly with the growth of companies such as Airbnb and VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner). For some, these short-term rentals can provide as much or more income than the standard long-term rentals. READ MORE >>

It’s a dark and stormy night, the wind is blowing and suddenly something lands on your roof.  When you go out to survey the damage it turns out that a tree limb that belongs to your neighbors’ tree has landed on your roof and caused damage.  Who is going to have to pay for this? READ MORE >>

What is Umbrella Insurance and who needs it?  Umbrella Insurance is designed to protect your personal assets from judgments or liability claims.  Just as the name implies an Umbrella Policy extends over the underlying liability coverage you have on your home, automobile and other items such as ATVs, boats and golf carts. READ MORE >>

  With all the recent catastrophic weather events that have taken place over the last few years, especially here in Texas, folks are finding out that unknown to them they didn’t have enough coverage or they had the wrong kind of coverage.  READ MORE >>

Ride Sharing - The Impact on Your Personal  Auto Insurance Policy So you decided to make a little extra money by signing up as an “Uber” driver!  Ride Sharing is becoming a popular option to earn extra cash, but there are some misconceptions when it comes to whose insurance covers what. READ MORE >>

Renter's Insurance More and more apartment complexes and landlords are requiring their tenants to carry “Renters Insurance”, something  that the tenants see as an additional financial burden. READ MORE >>

  Why have a personal agent? I get this question all the time and in this world, where everyone seems to do all their shopping on the Internet, why not shop for your insurance the same way?  Isn't insurance just a necessary evil? Aren't insurance agents out there just to make money? READ MORE >>

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